Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The X-House

Here's the house we are planning to build. It is called an "X-House". It's made in northern Sweden, the town of Fränsta to be precise.

Many homes in Sweden, especially summer homes, have a traditional design and use traditional colours. You can see a good example of that kind of house here. We want to do something more modern, so the X-House was a great option for us. It is a solid timber house, made by a local company, with an open interior plan and a great glass transition from the front of the house to the outdoors.

On our last visit to Stockholm, we visited the model and took a number of photos. You can get a good sense of our house from seeing those photos here. Because the great wood beams are fabricated and cut to order like giant Legos, you can order whatever you like and have a big 'ol kit, all numbered and wrapped, sent to the destination of your choice to put it together.

We've chosen two of their models, the main house is the "Selma", which is about 60 square meters. We've added a bit to its length and made a few other modifications. The second is their small "Clara" house, 18 square meters. We plan to use that as a shed/guest house. The main house will have two bedrooms, and we'll put at least a couple of beds in the little house, too. That way another family can visit and have some space and privacy.


Maryam said...

love it. pretty close - except you have the ultra cool blue 'notting hill' door =)

Anonymous said...

Pene en pompis, me gusta.