Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I really like modern design. When I was a young man, I saw an exhibition at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis about the Rietveld- Schroder house in Utrecht. (I wasn't a very exciting teenager, I'll admit. Spent most of high school in the AV club). Anyways, at the time Utrecht was for me about as far away as the moon. But I joined American Airlines, married a girl who liked to travel, and long story short, we went to Utrecht together in 1996 and toured the house. That was really cool.

Since then, we've visited the Barcelona Pavilion, the Villa Tugendhat in Brno, and Fallingwater. My favourite was when Sooz arranged for us to stay in Room 606 at the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. It is ironic that I live in a land of castles and manor houses, yet prefer the kind of architecture that gives Prince Charles heartburn!

Going ahead with our summer house, it struck me (us, really) that we could kill two birds with one stone: have a modern house and in one of our favourite places. I'm not too worried about getting the planning permission for a modern house; our land is inland, and the authorities worry a lot more about the look of waterfront building. Plus it is a Swedish house, and although the design isn't traditional, the materials and construction are. And it's not that big and it won't be a funky colour. (Hmm, maybe I am a little worried!)

I will be happier, though, when the Värmdö Kommun gives us the full go-ahead. Not only can we get the well drilled and the electricity ordered, but that little design uncertainty will be gone. Janne is finishing the paperwork and sending it all in soon. It'll take a few months to get the decision, but we do have lots of time.

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