Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Toilets, Episode 3

This is the Separett toilet. Ann and Dave have one of these in their house. The idea is that solid and liquid wastes are separated and handled differently.

Liquid waste (also called 'tinkle') is taken away through a French drain into the earth, away from the house. You have to sit down to make the separating part work. No problem for the ladies, and perhaps just a little re-education for the guys.

Solid waste is collected below, essentially into a bucket. Now it's a nice bucket, lined with a biodegradable plastic bag, and it turns a little bit every time someone sits on it so the solid waste (also called "poop") is spread evenly, but it's still a bucket. A bucket filled with poop.

I have poop bags to pick up after Ollie on a walk but I don't necessarily want to do it after myself. Plus the new rules mean the bucket has to be sealed (they provide multiple buckets) for 6 months before composting. So I have to store sealed buckets of poop somewhere. Call me squeamish but I'm not sure about that. Also it has a fan system to ventilate the contents of the bucket. Because it doesn't mix with liquid waste ("tinkle") it is supposed to have less odor, and we didn't really notice any smell at all from Ann and Dave's, but it still seems a bit low-tech for me...


E said...

Hmm, at our house we have "Peet" (from an earlier time when a "t" was added to most words) and "Ca Ca" (from Moms side of the dictionary) thus demonstrating the mixed linguistics of English/spanglish/texan which daughter Shirley is learning. I would not wish to consider having to train her further in why she should NOT open that pail in the corner of the shed!!!! I vote for the InCin-a-Tron. Vaporize everything. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Margaret said...

Don, talk with Dave (I can give you his email if you don't have it) - he doesn't like getting down & dirty either but is very happy with the one they've got (after some trial & error). Also, to do the true archipelago thing, and save yourself some toilet wear, the re-education of men is in that men "tinkle" outdoors - always! There are even many women who do so, in the name of environment and/or "roughin it", but I'm not about to get ticks in tricky areas.
We follow your decision process with glee!