Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Internet access

Although the idea of a summer house is to get away from it all, frankly, I don't see myself spending a couple of consecutive weeks without the internet.

I don't have a blackberry; I'm not email obsessive. But I've grown so used to having contact, I started looking into a way to have decent connectivity when island-bound.

Värmdö Kommun has a typically thorough web page (in Swedish of course) which gives lots of details on broadband connectivity in the archipelago. Bottom line is Aspö isn't wired yet, although many of the bigger islands are.

There's a wireless provider, 3, (or 'tre' in Swedish), and after talking with them in detail, they promise 2mb coverage right on Aspö itself. The current cost is about $30 a month on a 2 year contract.

That's a little steep for a few weeks' use a year, but I've emailed Dave and we think perhaps he could also use the connection when he and Ann are on the island. That would increase its usefulness a lot! Plus it would be fun to update the blog from the building site (and eventually home site) itself. Stay tuned, as they say...

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Margaret said...

Just an FYI, "3" is not the only wireless provider....only the cleverest at marketing. There are a lot of other providers to check out (including Telia and Tele2) before you commit to that kind of cost, which does sound high.
I have Tele2 out there which didn't work as consistently as I would have liked, so I need to hunt around myself as well. The problem is where you are located on the island also...Some properties have better coverage than others, both with cell phones and with internet.