Monday, February 11, 2008

Arriving at Aspö

We took a 4PM bus from the city to a 4:50 boat on Monday night. There were about 3 other people onboard with us. We got off on the dock at about 5:20, and as the boat left, we were pretty darned alone in the dark.

Janne reminded us to take our flashlights and were we glad we did. When you're on an almost-uninhabited island and it's dark and cold, getting lost is the very last thing you want to do! After a bit of stumbling, we made our way successfully to Janne's, and it was sure nice to see him waiting for us in his warm kitchen.


Margaret said...

Now what you need to try is arriving at that same hour, in that same darkness, but add to it trying to climb that first large hill from the dock to the walking path when it is covered in thick snow atop a sheet of slick ice.
That's when the fun truly begins ; )

Don said...

Margaret, I love how you are able to switch so effortlessly between being a New York sophisticate and being a frontierwoman!!!