Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Melodifestivalen

An unexpected benefit of being in Stockholm over two Saturdays is that I could watch two of the competition shows for the 2008 Melodifestivalen.

The winner of the Melodifestivalen will be Sweden's entry to the Eurovision Song Contest. I don't have the writing skills to explain this contest adequately, especially to a non-European. Suffice it to say it is an amazing amalgam of camp, earnestness, cheese, and nationalism, and I deeply love the Eurovision Song Contest, much to the puzzlement of my friends.

Sweden takes it pretty seriously; this is a 6-week, nationwide process, as opposed to the BBC's rather embarrassed selection show. Of course, Sweden did have the most famous winners, way back in 1974.

Update: Apparently Ireland (a 7-time winner) has chosen a turkey puppet as its entry. This is the kind of show that has turkey puppets, opera singers, and Moldovan girl groups all on the same stage. Amazing.

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Anonymous said...

What a great clip! I particularly love the shot of the 4 of them hiding behind the shrubbery!
And Björn is always so goofily happy - if music hadn't worked out, he would have done well in Mayberry.
I am NOT a Eurovision fan, but Callan and I do watch when we can (only occasionally) find the British show with Terry Wogan doing commentary. He makes it all worthwhile.
Sitting through the endless Swedish selection shows? I'd rather put pins in my eyes!
Remind me next year though and I'll get you an invite to my friend's infamous party...she throws a bash on the evening of the Swedish final and everyone sits around with pen and paper (and liquid refreshment) scoring their hearts out.
ps-just tried to sign in with my blogger account but it wouldn't take. what's up?