Saturday, February 9, 2008

Swedish Cinderella

We're in Sweden today and visited Johan in his new shop in Bromma. He was kind enough to meet with all of us in the late afternoon. We asked a bunch of questions and I've satisfied all of my curiosity about the Cinderella.

A couple of things- first, we've calculated it costs about 2.5 kronor for each 'flush'; this includes the cost of the electricity and the lining paper. Second, if there's a power cut, the unit has a battery to run the cooling fan for safety if the combustion chamber is in full heat. We also talked about the details of installation and ventilation, both of which are pretty simple.

In the attached photo, I am holding the ashes generated by one person's use for 30 days. Generally, our family could use it for a couple weeks and only need to empty the unit once. Plus, it handles toilet paper as well as liquids, which is an advantage over other types of toilets. Frankly, it looks pretty darn good.

It also turns out their warehouse is almost within walking distance of Marcia and Rutger's house. Johan is doing a good job of making me think seriously about buying a 30,000 kronor toilet.

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