Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bathroom finishing

I had blogged a few weeks ago that Wille had found a man on Runmarö who could do the bathroom finishing work for us. His name is Tommy, and I called him the other day to introduce myself.

I think I took him back with my eager American accent, but eventually his English warmed up and my Swedish pronunciation improved a bit, and we discussed what I needed to have done. He certainly seems up for doing the work, and being so close on Runmarö makes it a lot simpler for him to come over to our house.

We made plans to meet at our house on February 9 (weather permitting; he says ice was starting to form) to talk in person and have a look together at the bathroom itself. A 20 minute talk is worth a week's worth of phone calls and emails. Sooz and I are going to spend the Sunday looking at specifics for the fixtures and fittings so we can discuss them.

With luck, he will be able to make progress by our Easter visit, although I don't expect to have everything done by then, especially the water infrastructure, which will be dependent on better weather outside.

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