Friday, January 16, 2009


I had posted last week about a round blob on a plan of our living area, and now I can reveal the mystery; that circle represented the placement of a Fireorb suspended fireplace. I got out the technical info about the Fireorb and found it needed specific clearances all around for safety codes. Once I did the measuring, it ended up projecting into the living area a lot more than I had originally thought. If I'm going to stick to safety codes (and I darn well should!), it doesn't look like the Fireorb will fit. Drat.

A solution to the space problem is to have a non-rotating wall-mounted fireplace. One possible such fireplace is shown in the photo attached, from a Danish company, Hwam (not to be confused with a musical group). This unit fits very close to the wall and is pretty cool-looking.

Frankly, though, I think any fireplace, especially when professionally fitted, is going to cost a good amount more than I had budgeted. We need to finish off the house and get a solid roof on it next. I think any fireplace will be a project for 2010...

UPDATE: A good question (and answer) in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Why would you even need a fireplace in your stuga?? You will probably mainly be there in the summertime.

Don said...

Good question! Besides the tradition of a fireplace, it's quite practical. The average low in April is 1C/33F, and in September, 8C/46F. If we plan to be there outside of the peak of mid-June to mid-August, it could well be nippy at night.