Saturday, January 31, 2009

A few social items

First, Margaret and janne are back in Stockholm after their lovely month in the USA. I talked to Janne and hearing his voice really cheers me up. And Marg is already back to sending us helpful emails. We will see them for sure when we're there next week, although Janne won't be on Aspö that night, so we'll have to inaugurate the new kitchen on our own!

Second, Rutger called Tommy the bathroom guy on my behalf today because a one-minute call from him in Swedish was a lot more effective than a 15 minute call from me. We're still planning for him to come out on Monday the 9th but will confirm on the weekend.

Lastly is hockey news; Leksand are doing very well as shown in the table, and well on track to be promoted back into the top division next season. But Djurgården are struggling; 10th out of 12 teams, and they will need to climb the table at least one more place to avoid relegation. Mikael is still with the first team but isn't playing much right now.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention the UK entry into the Eurovision song contest. I was happy with Jade, the winner, but unfortunately, Andrew Lloyd-Webber's ballad didn't do much for me.

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