Friday, February 19, 2010


I've made a number of posts in the past about putting a fireplace in the house. Every Swedish home I've visited has a well-used fireplace.

Besides fulfilling Scandinavian tradition, our little cabin could use a fireplace for many reasons. Having a cozy fire in our little house is of course very appealing. And the practical considerations for an island cabin are compelling, too. There's an abundance of wood (and paper scrap) to burn, and the extra warmth would be very welcome in April and October!

There are many modern fireplaces available, but my favourites are made by Focus, a French company. Their website is an exquisite example of house-porn. Of all their models, one that may actually fit in our house is the wall-mounted émifocus.

I see only two places where it might fit; against the bathroom wall, or next to the couch. Posted above are a couple of laughably poor mockups I made to see how such a fireplace might look. Sooz prefers one and I the other. Guesses in the comments on who prefers which!

Of course, this is a bit of a dream. The Focus fireplaces are 70,000 kronor at least, and probably that again for installation. Even a non-designer fireplace would be pretty expensive. And my insurance costs go up significantly if I install a fireplace. So, for now, at least, the idea is a non-starter. But it is fun to look.


Margaret said...

I'll move away from both of you and vote for putting it to the left of the sofa, facing the kitchen. Don't want to block those nice windows, and by the bathroom is just too awkward.
And yes, you DO need a fireplace; they are invaluable!

Cast Iron Fireplaces said...

A fireplace can be installed in your existing home without the hassles of adding a traditional chimney.

Anonymous said...