Monday, February 8, 2010

"The snow may have saved the ticks from the cold"

Found this disappointing news on the SVT website as I was trolling Eurovision clips:

Many hope that the cold will kill ticks and snails. However, insects are safe in the ground and waiting for spring in the insulating blanket of snow lying over the country.

In recent years, mild winters have been favorable for these creatures that many fear. But, to many people's chagrin, not even the cold of winter kills ticks and snails. Lars-Ake Janzon, biologist of the Museum of Natural History, says he gets many calls from people asking if the cold is killing those creatures.

"The snow insulates against the cold, those who were in the ground before the snow came will likely be safe", he says.

In December the whole country was covered with snow, and inland regions are hoping their tick plague may be mitigated in the summer.

"Frozen ticks have managed to keep alive for six years. They are survivors who found their own niche in the wild, "says Lars-Ake Janzon.