Friday, July 23, 2010

Our Dock

All of the homes on Aspö have access to a dock. The waterfront homes all have their own, of course. Those of us inland use a different arrangement. A master plan for the island assigns properties into groups of communal dock areas. Those property holders agree to jointly share the cost of building and maintaining a dock, and in exchange, everyone has their own space for mooring their boat.

The group of properties to which our house belongs have been mostly vacant, so there’s no communal dock for our house right now. But that appears to be changing shortly, as Margaret and Janne were brought papers regarding a meeting on August 1 about a dock for our area. Janne has volunteered to attend on our behalf to discuss either building a new dock, or extending an existing one to provide access for all. When this is decided, I’ll pay my portion of the construction and then the yearly upkeep. Since we’ll be sharing it among many families, our costs should be pretty small. The new dock will be to the south, a short walk downhill from our house.

I’ll report back after Janne attends the meeting.

UPDATE: The photo is of the dock on the northern end of the island shared by Marg & Janne and Ann & Dave, among others. Unusually for Aspö, this one wasn't built by Janne. And I should point out the beautiful sailboat is for sale, should any readers be interested.

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