Monday, July 12, 2010

A Shed

Sheds have a special place in UK culture. They are typically used as a refuge by henpecked husbands, a little bit of manly space in a country that doesn't have much room to spare.

In our case, however, it's not me who is pushing for a shed on our property, it's Sooz. She is anxious to clear the tools and storage out of our little house so she can make it into a proper guest stuga. Her long-term plans involve painting, a little sink, more furniture of course, and although she hasn't said so directly, probably lots of nice Swedish fabrics. But for her to do her remodeling, my stuff has to go. Hence the shed.

I've been doing lots of looking and found a number of alternatives. First, of course, was to decide how big a shed needs to be and where it should go. I measured a few things and I think something about 5 square meters would do the trick. I laid out a space between the two houses about 2 by 2½ meters which fits the area nicely.

Next of course, is what kind of shed. There are many variations available in the size I want. The key question, then, is: hay, sticks, or brick??? Stay tuned.

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