Monday, September 13, 2010

Back in a few days!

I'm leaving Friday night, with a suitcase crammed full of an old garden hose I never use (why buy a new one??), and a couple of metal supports I plan to write more about in future.

I also have a piece of perspex cut for use as a sink backsplash to match the one I have behind the stove. One day, we'll have some funky tiles in place, but for now, the perspex protects the wood in a simple and neutral fashion.

The weather (above) looks pretty decent. Even if it rains a bit, that's fine, as we are going to spend most of our time rinsing the house. Perhaps we should want it to rain!

UPDATE: Rutger called this morning and said that Micke the plumber has promised to be out tomorrow, so no worries about having a water hose available.

UPDATE 2: Janne emailed me this afternoon and said he attached an adaptor to our kitchen faucet as a backup water source just in case. It's great to have friends!!

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