Saturday, September 25, 2010

The welcome into Arlanda

I teased this subject a while ago on the right-hand side of this blog. After my last trip, I saw something that compelled me to write a full post.

When entering the baggage hall at Arlanda airport, the traveler is greeted by a photo wall of famous Swedes, each bearing the same legend: "Welcome to my hometown".

It's an eclectic bunch from all areas of Swedish life. Classics like Alfred Nobel, Raoul Wallenberg, Carola, and Mats Sundin, to name a few, lead up to the pop stars and celebrity chefs of today.

Looking down from the prime spots, just before the exit, are those one might expect: the King and Queen, ABBA in their spandex, and Björn Borg, resplendent in his Wimbledon headband. But last Friday night, I noticed a new face in that elite group, welcoming us to his hometown, a place not friendly to tourists, but a Stockholm teeming with murder, racism, misogyny, sex and violence.

Yes, Stockholm's newest welcoming face is none other than Stieg Larsson.

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Anonymous said...

What!!! No Henning Mankell??