Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fatboy Beanbags

Sooz found these extra-huge beanbags in the UK a year or so ago, and we've seen them in Stockholm as well, where they're charmingly called sittsäcks. They're very well made and are pretty decent pieces of furniture. Fatboys also come in a wide range of colors, and in indoor and outdoor fabrics.

We've thought one would be perfect for the stuga, to scrunch up in indoors, or out on the deck, or even in the woods. The problem is their high quality brings a high price. In Sweden the indoor models are $350, and the outdoor ones $500. That's pretty pricey for a beanbag, no matter how nice it is.

I did a bit of searching here in the USA, and found they sell for about a third less than the Swedish price. My idea was perhaps to buy one here and bring it to the stuga on my next trip, but with such a big item, I wasn't sure if it was checkable as baggage.

Fatboy's US headquarters is very close to my new office, so I called and spoke to a very friendly staff member who invited me over to take a look at a packaged Fatboy. I'll do that in the coming weeks, after our move here is more settled. Who knows, perhaps I'll be carrying one with me to Stockholm on our next trip!

UPDATE: Spending this past week in our house here in Texas, with our furniture consisting only of couple of kitchen chairs, have caused us to rethink. We ordered a new sofa, but that's a month away. So we hit upon the idea of buying our fatboy (the outdoor model in turquoise) now, so we can get good use out of it immediately. We can either keep it, or repack it for taking to Aspö this summer.

UPDATE 2: The Fatboy arrived, in a big box, which I think was too large; I'm sure I can repack it for travel. It is a lovely color and fits two of us (three's a stretch) just fine. Grant's fear about us old folks having trouble getting in and out of it are partially founded. We can negotiate the process well enough, it's just not very elegant.


Anonymous said...

Grant said he wants one!

Marcia said...

I'm soooo happy you got this very nice and comfy Dutch product. We had one for Archie before, a Fatboy Doggy lounge.....