Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

We're back in London now, but not for long. Grant and I leave tomorrow for good, and Sooz and Ollie follow about 10 days later.

We had a great time in Sweden, as usual, and again as usual, we're already planning our next trip back.  Sooz is going to attend William and Kate's wedding (not as an invited guest, of course) and I'll meet up with her afterward for both of us to spend the first week of May in Sweden.

Our general plan is for us to return in mid-June; me to stay for 2 weeks and her for a month or so. But we have a lot going on between now and then, so our plans may change.

Since it's going to be 4 months until we're back to our house, and we'll be pretty busy resettling in America, I think blogging will slow down a bit. I do have a number of topics I've saved up, though, so things won't be entirely quiet!

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