Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First home?

We're back in our previous home here in Texas. Sooz and Ollie made the journey from London pretty much none the worse for wear. Being back into our 'real' house has got me thinking about our Swedish house and the relationship between the two.

During our time in London, we lived in rented accommodation, so we didn't spend much energy (or money) on our houses there; but we spent a lot of both on our little stuga. Now that we're back in our house here, we can see it will be requiring our time and money. So what does that mean for our stuga? Will it be out of sight, out of mind? Will I go to Sweden to get away from home projects, instead of looking forward to them?

There's a lot to think about along these lines, and I'll share some thoughts as I develop them (between my evening chores of unpacking boxes).

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