Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Melodifestival is back!

The miracle of high-speed internet, along with hundreds of cable channels, makes it surprisingly easy to stay in touch with doings in Europe all the way from Texas.  However, I'm finding that the time change puts a big spin on things. For example, I watched the Manchester derby before sunrise with a cup of tea. (The result was sadly similar, though.)

It's not just the time change, it's the weather that is dislocating, too. Today was warm and sunny, not Melodifestival weather at all. But, as Margaret reminded me, back in Sweden, it is still cold and dark, perfect for six weekends of silly songs.

Sooz and I watched the first semi-final from Luleå tonight and it didn't disappoint. Jenny Silver is back again in much better form than last year.(Sadly, SVT doesn't allow linking of song videos while they're still in competition). The evening's winner was Swingfly, with a catchy yet insane three-way rap/dance number replete with drumming girls. My favorite part was the break by one of the drummers which went something like: "I'm so hot/you know you want some/I'm hotter than a fresh-baked bun/hotter than the sun/hotter than a smoking gun". Seriously.

I'll try to keep up with the competition's progress. There's some hum-dingers in store!

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