Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We have a few radiators in our house; when we were there over Christmas, we had every one cranking to keep the place warm. After a day, it was actually quite toasty inside. When we left, I kept one running in the bathroom to keep the water and all of our perishables from freezing.

I am concerned, though, that I'm overheating the room, at great expense. All I really want it to be is 3 or 4°C (37-39°F), just to prevent freezing, nothing more. Without a having the benefit of being there to conduct a bit of trial and error on our radiator, I fearI'm turning it up higher than necessary.

I think I spotted the solution at Bauhaus over Christmas. Pictured here is a radiator with a full digital thermostat. All I need to do is type in 4°C, and I can be confident that temperature is maintained, and no more. I would be willing to bet I could pay for the radiator over just two winters in electricity savings. And we get the bonus of added warmth when we're at the house on cold days!

(I might buy one for our house in Texas, too. Frozen pipes are no fun.)

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