Saturday, February 19, 2011

Introduction IV

It's time for the fourth in a series of sort-of-yearly recaps and introductions. My last such update was about 9 months ago and lots has changed.
  • Sooz, Ollie and I have indeed moved back to the USA at the end of the year. We're now in the middle of resettling into our home in Texas after nearly 12 years away.
  • Grant is now a university student, happily settled into college life in North Carolina. (Perhaps too happily, but I digress).
  • Living 5000 miles from our stuga, as opposed to only 900 before, will necessitate some changes to how we live there. Long weekends are out, so we'll be there for a few weeks at a time when we go. Sooz plans to escape the Texas heat as much as possible this summer, for example.
  • I have a few projects still to complete. I want to put in a drop ceiling over the big deck, and to get a shed at last. But I think the focus of this blog will be moving away from building and more towards living in the archipelago.
I still plan to blog on Swedish culture, and of course posting will increase when we're all actually on-island. I may well post a bit on issues of repatriation, but I will keep the focus on island living. No need to worry about too many off-topic ramblings, promise.

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