Friday, March 23, 2012

An IKEA House

Margaret sent along this story from the Daily Mail (not my favourite paper, I have to say) about an "IKEA house". It makes perfect sense; you buy everything else, why not just buy the house, too?

The house isn't really made by IKEA; it's by Ideabox, a Portland-based architectural firm who have designed a number of interesting small homes. The idea behind their "Aktiv" home is that it is built around IKEA systems, so the two parts, interior and exterior, are designed together.

It's certainly smaller than a typical home here in America; 745 square feet (69 square meters). That's just a touch bigger than our home on Aspö, and about the size of a Texas 3-car garage! I think smaller, more efficient homes like these are the way of the future and I like the idea very much.

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