Saturday, March 17, 2012

Skärgårds Radio

One of our favourite things when we're out on Aspö is listening to the local radio station. Skärdårdsradion, 90.2 on your FM dial, translates to 'archipelago radio'. Its target audience are the people who live and work out in the islands. The broadcast is localized; I tried once to receive it at Rutger's house in Stockholm and couldn't pick it up.

They provide maritime weather on a regular basis, a bit of news on the hour, and a limited but charming playlist of new and classic middle-of-the road songs. They play all of the popular Melodifestival and Eurovision hits, for example. It's hard to put the exact musical formula into words, but both Sooz and I have heard a song and said to each other, "we'll hear that one this summer," and we're almost always right. Listening to their station has become part of our experience on the island.

It is possible to listen to the station from their website but I haven't been able to listen to it on my internet radio at home. Until now, that is. I stumbled across an iPhone app that streams the station right into my pocket. It's free and it works perfectly. We're able to sit outside in the Texas evenings and listen to the latest in Swedish pop. Bliss.

The app is available on the iTunes store here. Give it a try!

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