Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The stirrings of Spring

Here in Texas, we're already into the 80's and everything started greening up seemingly overnight. I fear this is the prelude for another brutal summer. But right now, it is lovely, so we are trying to enjoy it as much as we can.

In Sweden, however, the temperature change is more gradual. The snow is gone and the temperatures over the next weeks aren't forecast to be below freezing. Conversely, this is the time of year when days get longer very quickly. In fact, tomorrow will have 5½ more minutes of sunlight than today did. By this weekend, the days will be 12 hours long, and a month later, 15 hours.

Janne is leaving sunny Florida in a couple of days to head back to Aspö. He's not looking forward to the swap from warm sunshine to cool and cloudy. I can't say as I blame him!

One good thing for me, selfishly, is that he'll be able to help me out with a shopping list of lumber and a few other bits of building supplies. My one big project for our May visit will be to build the stairs up to the little house, especially now that Grant will be with us that week to help.

I sent Janne my shopping list, and I am pleased to report that he thought it looked correct. There's no higher praise for me than Janne's approval of anything I do building-wise! He will order my stuff and we will share the shipping cost with any other orders he places for himself, so that's a win-win. And he said he'd drop it off at our house. I can't imagine better service than that.

It's about 9 weeks until I can be back out to Aspö...and I can't wait!!!

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