Sunday, June 9, 2013

Another royal wedding

This one slipped right under my radar. Princess Madeleine, the younger sister of Princess Victoria, was married yesterday in Stockholm, the second Royal wedding in three years.

It is not nearly as big a deal as Victoria's wedding in 2010. Madeleine isn't as popular in Sweden; she was known as a bit of a party girl, and moving to New York and marrying a American hedge fund manager isn't helping matters.

However, a Swedish friend who watched the wedding said it was a grand affair and the couple seemed very happy. The weather was great, and there's nothing in the world better than a sunny June day in Stockholm!

UPDATE: Margaret wrote in to say "the 'party girl' image is perpetuated by the media and that and no one minds at all about her living in the States or marrying a foreigner. Her mother, after all, is not Swedish". Thanks, Marg; I am always happy to publish corrections.

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