Thursday, June 13, 2013

Outdoor lamps

Sooz and I each have one thing we obsess about a bit out on Aspö. For her, it's bedding. I swear she has enough sheets, comforters, duvets, blankets, etc. for 20 beds. And she's always talking about buying more.

In return, my thing is lighting. I have installed enough light fixtures, wires, bulbs, remote controls, etc., to run a disco. I admit it. And I'm about to do one more.

When Göran wired the house all those years ago, he added a few very cheap and simple globe lights to the outside of the house. I always wanted to replace them with something nicer and more square, but I haven't found what I wanted until now.

Sooz found a lamp at a lighting store near Marcia and Rutger's for the guest house. While we were there, I found a bunch of lamps by Norlys, a Norwegian company which I liked a lot, although I didn't see the exact thing I wanted.

Perusing their catalog online, however, came up with the prefect thing: the Bern. In galvanized steel, it's just what I was looking for. A bit of internet shopping found it online at a good price, so Marcia is ordering one on my behalf.

It should install easily, so keep an eye out for that project this summer. I have one more light idea in the kitchen, for which I've bought an extra-long drill bit! Hmm...

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