Wednesday, June 5, 2013

House colors

I've posted a lot about the issue of the black splotches on the front of our house and our desire to deal with them.

We know now that we don't have mold or fungus, but instead it seems the spots are just iron oxide from the jarn vitrol we applied. It looks like a lot of it can be brushed off, which we'll work on this summer.

But we're still thinking about painting, and thanks to a friend with photoshop skills, I've been able to simulate what the house might look like from the test patches we painted last year.

I rather like the middle grey myself; Sooz likes it lighter. Comments from our readership on this issue would be most appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Any other options? I'm not crazy about grey (not even on our house!)...makes the place kind of look like a gas station.
I agree with Sooz on lighter, but would love to see some other color options.

Don said...

Black is popular these days, but I fear that would make our place look like Darth Vader's summer house.

Send me a photo of a colour you like and I'll photoshop it into a photo for all of us to see!!