Sunday, March 2, 2014

Melodifestival: Lidköping

This was the 'second chance' show. Frankly, my expectations were low, given the level of the performances so far. I wasn't that keen on the winners, and this contest of the second-best didn't fill me with hope.

Going through to the final are Helena Paparizou, who strikes me as a bit too old for this sort of song, and Linus Svenning, who spent way too much time at the tattooists'.

I spoke to Marcia over the weekend, and she was very disappointed with the acts this year. I sense that she's not the only one who feels this way. Perhaps the Melodifestival format needs to be refreshed? I don't watch any of the singing competitions on TV these days, but it seems there must be a way to attract and nurture more talent than what's being put on the Swedish stage these days.

The BBC has gone the opposite route of our contest-loving Swedes. They have found their own new artist and commissioned a customized Eurovision-winning song. It was simply announced yesterday, with nary a television show, let alone a contest, in sight!

Here is (the very Britishly named) Molly Smitten-Downes with the UK entry, "Children of the Universe". I believe the Eurovision rules only allow 6 people on stage, so she'll have to prune her backing band a bit. But it has a good chorus, and Molly can sing, which is becoming less common these days.

Stay tuned for my prediction before the Melodifestival grand final!!!

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