Saturday, December 8, 2007

Blå Måne

It's common here in the UK for homes to have names, rather than street numbers. For example, we used to live in "Abbot's Leigh" and our neighbor's home was "Silver Birches". (Further down the street was "Betula" and I never found out where that name came from.)

We decided to name our house, and Sooz came up with the name: "Blue Moon", or in Swedish, "Blå Måne".

There are a few reasons: blue is my favourite colour; our dog, Ollie, is a blue merle corgi; the Chicago Cubs play in blue, and a sunny day in the islands is filled with shades of blue from the sea and sky.

Truthfully, though, the main reason is that "Blue Moon" is the signature song of the supporters of Manchester City Football Club. I've sung it at many football grounds, usually in a losing cause. However, City have a Swedish manager these days and are on the up, so we're becoming quite a popular club in our adopted homeland. I consider it a good omen...!

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