Saturday, December 29, 2007

A message from Johan

Johan is the man I met at the Hus Expo who sells the Cinderella toilet. He just sent me an email saying he read on my blog that I was looking at the Incinolet as an alternative.

First off, I was quite impressed he looked at my blog; in fact, I'm still surprised when anyone reads it! Secondly, he gave me a lot of good information about the good and bad points of both toilets. (Well, mostly the bad points of the Incinolet).

Coincidentally, I received an email the very next day from a colleague in Dallas who said he could have an Incinolet shipped pretty inexpensively to Stockholm. Even with customs duties, it would still be lots cheaper than the Cinderella.

Johan's store is not too far from Marcia and Rutger's, so we'll plan to stop by when we visit in February. I was really pleased that he wrote.

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