Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Kommun calls Janne back the next day

...and it's not with good news. Essentially, they're swamped with applications and it now looks like a nine month approval timeline, not six as I was planning. This means the end of June for permission, not the end of March. And that would mean construction in August or September, not June. Drat.

However, I am glad they called Janne, even with disappointing news, as it shows we have good communication. And although even Janne can't make the wheels of local government move swiftly, he does have a lot of local knowledge and credibility with the planning people. So that can only help. And they are sending Janne some further paperwork that he's going to complete on my behalf, to keep things moving along.

What next? We could get an interim building permit early, which would allow me to stick to my June building plans, and we'll pursue that in a few months. Or they might just be pessimistic at the Kommun and are giving us the latest possible dates, so we can be pleasantly surprised later. (I'm not counting on that one).

Worst case is that we build a few months later, which would cause me scheduling problems, but nothing insurmountable, I suppose. (Actually, the really worst case is if the Kommun asks for lots of changes in the house design or their layout on the land. That would be a real bummer, so I'm not thinking about that just yet!!)

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