Sunday, December 16, 2007


I talked to Janne again and he filled me in on the paperwork he's doing on my behalf.

First, because the house is new, the kommun wants to come out and make their own measurements and markings on the land. They'll charge me a few thousand kronor for the privilege- but at least it's something I had budgeted for.

Second, they want information on waste water and sewage. Our toilet (whatever type it is) will be self-contained, so no issues there. Grey water from the sinks and shower need to be drained away; there is a natural drainage path off the rock, so Janne will show that in a drawing as part of the application.

Janne also said he'd call the kommun every month and nag them. I don't see Janne as a nag; he's too nice for that. Me, I'm a pushy American, I know how to nag! But I'll leave it to him for now.

We also talked about electricity, but that's another post.

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