Friday, October 17, 2008


I just checked this evening and the krona has plummeted to 7.45! Wow! All that shopping we plan to do this weekend will have a little less sting in it.

Of course, I paid for the house at closer to 6.2 just a few months ago, but even then it's still one of my better recent investments.

But there's sad news, too. Rutger's new Volvo wagon was broken into today. That messes up our logistics a bit, but importantly, it was his baby and Rutger's upset. I will do my best to cheer him up tomorrow.


Margaret said...

this is NOT a good roe for an importing bookseller!!

Don said...

Marg- I feel your pain, especially now as the economy is potentially softer. Hopefully you were able to bring in lots of stock when it was under 6?