Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Brief update-2

Rutger called and he had spoken to the IKEA driver today. The full order is now supposedly at the Stavsnäs harbor storage. I say 'supposedly' because the driver said there were two pallets. Rutger feels that is a little suspicious, given the size of our order, unless they are two giant pallets, indeed! He is trying to contact the harbor now to confirm.

And the photo? That's the Sandhamn webcam from today. Obviously there is a bit of construction going on. I thought it was interesting in an oddball way.


Iowa Greyhound said...
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Iowa Greyhound said...

My entire IKEA kitchen was on a single, giant pallet. I believe it weighed 3,500 pounds. It's amazing how efficient the flat-pack items are.

G'luck with you order