Sunday, October 12, 2008

Janne has news

The grey water system has been successfully dug and installed this weekend. We need to take photos to send to the kommun before it's buried, but all was done without trouble. (That's easy for me to say; it was Janne who did the digging!)

The electricity hasn't been connected yet but there has been lots of discussion and some progress. The electric company (Vattenfall) will attach to the pole by Olle's house, and he's given permission and direction for the cable to be dug under his property over to ours. Janne still thinks they may be done when we come, but if not, we'll still have our temporary line from Tony's.

The Cinderella toilet will arrive tomorrow, and Janne will bring it up to our house. He has also moved some of the boulders which were right in front of the small house, so we now have a much clearer path leading up to the main house.


Margaret said...

Such a handy guy - and handsome too!

Don said...

Marg- although I understand you're biased, I have to fully agree myself!!