Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back in Stockholm

Up early after a nice dinner with Janne the night before. We cleared out our guest stuga and decamped to our place to give it a final clear out. Since Janne was staying until Thursday, we took his trash with us.

It was funny to see so many more people on the island Saturday morning, lots of people must have arrived on the early boat. Anyways, we cleaned up and brought quite a load of stuff and garbage to the main dock. The noon boat wasn't full at all.

We loaded up Rutger's car and headed to Margaret's. She took us to a couple of home furnishing stores in her funky neighborhood and we found lots of stuff we liked.

Now we're at Rutger & Marcia's; Rutger made lasagne (after flying in from New York this morning) and Marcia bought my favorite Pripps beer and Vicknings chips. I'm a happy man.

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