Saturday, November 15, 2008

Box Wine

I'm not a wine snob by any means, but I do like a nice glass now and then (mostly now). A huge selection of excellent wine is easily available here in the UK, and is comparatively inexpensive (especially if one travels across La Manche). And like most Americans, I used to think of wine sold in boxes as pretty low quality.

But box wine is very popular on the islands, largely for logistical reasons. It's much more efficient to carry and store, it keeps for a long time, and the only trash it generates is the plastic bag, so no need to carry back bottles for recycling (as Margaret told me once, you really want to avoid carrying stuff back off the island). And boxes are certainly cheaper than bottles at the Systembolaget.

The good news is that boxed wine- especially in Europe- is on the up these days. Lots of good wine is now being sold in boxes, and the idea is taking hold in the USA as well. We will surely be enjoying lots of box wine next summer, I'm sure!


Margaret said...

an added bonus is that you feel so LUXURIOUS when you get back to the city and experience a corked bottle!

Don said...

That's a good one!
Once again, Marg, you teach me of the subtleties of island life!