Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Diversion

You might have noticed a slowdown in posting recently. Our Cardigan Corgi, Ollie, unexpectedly suffered a ruptured disk in his back on Tuesday and has had emergency surgery to repair three vertebrae and protect his spinal cord.

He's just barely five, and I am struggling to accept how my beautiful boy could go from healthy to hurting so suddenly. Our little stuga seems the least of my concerns right now. (Although Grant did point out we should add a ramp to the deck, since Ollie will need to avoid stairs for at least a while, if not permanently.)

But, as of this writing, he is beginning his recovery, and if we all work hard, he should be back to his happy self in a month or two. Once he's better, I can start to think of other things again. For now, though, please keep him in your thoughts.


expateek said...

Oh no! I hope he recovers 100% and feels better soon! He is such a darling boy -- I hate to think of him hurting.

Hugs (gentle ones!) to you all!

Margaret said...

I'll ask Janne to sketch out a little ramp - might be good for future wheelbarrow loads of groceries also!
Hope Ollie continues to feel better.