Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Evening call from Wille #2

Another project was installing Grant's bunk beds. Wille measured everything, made the bed platforms back at home, and brought them out this week. He sent a couple of photos from the house today and they look great.

Wille talked to Tony last night, who had the idea of a ladder with alternating steps to give access to the bunks. I'm a bit worried about mounting anything permanently because I think I'd rather move a ladder back and forth as needed but Wille is going to send some photos about what he wants to do.

He also mentioned that he wasn't happy with the way our front doors were holding up. I know what he means; I thought the door's facings were warping already when I saw them in October. Wille says they are unacceptable and he is going to talk to Stefan on Monday morning.

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