Sunday, November 23, 2008

Magica De Spell

Marcia changed her hairstyle a while ago, to a kind of black bob with bangs. I told her she looked like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. She said her friends thought she looked like Magica De Spell. (Of course, being Dutch, Marcia also goes by that country's translation: Zwarte Magica.)

I'd be willing to bet none of my American or UK readers have any idea who that is. But in Scandinavia, for various reasons, Donald Duck and all of his friends in Duckburg are hugely popular. Even today, millions of Swedes read or watch Kalle Anka (literally "Carl Duck") every week. So, telling someone they look like Magica makes perfect sense.

Swedish television has a tradition of playing a specific program of Donald Duck cartoons every Christmas Eve. Here's a good blog post on this phenomenon. I know Rutger really looks forward to watching Kalle on Christmas Eve. I look forward to watching all these cartoons with him this year!

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An unknown benefit of the Marshall Plan. Thanks!