Sunday, May 5, 2013

On our way back to the USA

We took our usual noon boat on Saturday. Since we'll be back in a couple of months,we didn't have the stressful shutting-down-the-house experience of the fall.

Replacing that was the stressful getting-up-at-six-and-catching-the-0755-SAS-flight experience though. Thank goodness Rutger is such a good sport offering to drive us so early on a Sunday.

Sooz is staying in Europe for another week, so Ollie and I will be bachelors. There are a few new photos up, and I'll add some more in the coming days, too. There will be a few new topics to introduce before we return in July.

I'd better run, it appears my flight here in Heathrow is about to board. Musn't be late!

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