Friday, May 17, 2013

The Eurovision Semifinals

Sooz and I watched both semis tonight. The stream from the website looked pretty darned good on the big TV.

There has been lots of talk about this being an 'austerity' Eurovision, but penny-pinching did not show up on the screen. The show looked super, and host Petra Mede kept things running well. She had a great line, too, explaining that Sweden was a peaceful country, except for "the recent civil war when Malmö was chosen for Eurovision over Stockholm." That played well with the Malmö crowd!

There were a few amazing acts, Romania being top among them. (It's worth clicking on that link, trust me.) Also look at Montenegro, who didn't make it through, unfortunately. Oh, and Ukraine had a giant. Really.

Now for the good acts. Sooz's favorite was Denmark. We both thought Ireland had a classic euro-disco number.  I rather liked Norway, myself. In fact, all the Scandinavian countries made it through to the final.

It's going to be a great show and we're going to have a fun Eurovison party in the Texas sunshine.

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