Friday, May 3, 2013

Yet another lovely day

...spent doing this and that. We did a bit of tree-trimming and brush clearing (I manned the chain saw, and Sooz, the fire).

I also spoke to Wilie, our builder, up in Leksand. He's doing well, but the construction business is a lot harder these days. Work doesn't come as easily, but he's getting by. He also said that X-House isn't selling much lately; I will reach out to Stefan there for a report. We might get together in July, I'd like that very much.

The big news for the day was my brushing experiments on the front of the house. The black spolotches have been well documented, and today was the day I had a go with my wire brushes. Surprisingly, the black dust largely came off with just a bit of elbow grease. I uncovered a good chunk of the house before my rotater cuff gave out. It's looking significantly better already.

I'll give it another pass this summer. This may well change our painting decisions!

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Anonymous said...

You're gonna need a bigger brush!