Saturday, February 7, 2015

A second fridge

One thing we noticed during our lengthy visits last summer was that our refrigerator was jam-packed most of the time. Since we only went to the grocery infrequently, we found our shopping was limited a bit by how much our fridge could hold.

We also had lots of Pripps and a box of white wine in there, too, which took up a lot of space.

Sooz has the idea of getting a second small fridge to hold at least the drinks and perhaps some of the bulkier foodstuffs. It seems perhaps odd to have two fridges at a small house we visit infrequently, but I think it makes some sense. We could shop and store food a bit more freely if we had the space. Until or unless I get my own boat and am able to sail to Guns Livs more easily, it would be good to have more storage space.

I could fit it in the shed pretty easily. I'll take a look next time we're in Sweden. I wouldn't look forward to carrying it to the house, but I've done far worse!

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