Sunday, February 22, 2015

Melodifestival: Östersund

The show moved for the first time to Östersund, a town of 60,000, where, as the tourism board puts it, "the long cold winter is the city's biggest asset." Way to play to your strengths, Östersund!

Tonight's contestants were a bit better than Malmö's. The second chance spots went to Kristin Amparo, an Adele-type, and Andreas Weise, who had a typical Eurovision belter replete with inane lyrics. Click that link to see what I mean.

SVT doesn't allow links to videos of the winning entries. The first was Jon Henrik Fjällgren, who was cute in a boy-band, slightly ethnic way. His staging was different, with background singers dressed like angels suspended behind him.

The second winner was 16 year old Isa Tengblad. This photo tells pretty much everything about her performance last night.

Next stop: Örebro!

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