Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Window over the door?

One thing we've noticed in our house, especially during our visits in the spring and fall, is that it can get fairly dark inside. We get all sorts of light from the glassed-in front of the house, for sure. Inside, though, by the front door and our garderobes, it's much darker.

I've installed a light over the front door, of course. Another idea would be to have a window in that space.

A high window, one above eye level, is referred to as a "clerestory" window. They are designed to bring light, and sometimes ventilation, into a room without providing a view or compromising privacy.

Viktor has such a window on his x-house. I found a photo and added a helpful arrow to point it out.

We could add a window like this pretty easily. I talked to both Stefan and Willie; it's a straightforward matter of taking a chain saw to cut out a rectangle and fitting a simple non-opening window. It wouldn't impact the integrity of the house, although Sooz is leery of cutting any holes. I've added an exceedingly crude photo illustration of where such a window might go, complete with another yellow arrow.

Another option is to have a window in the door. In fact, Olle has a spare window, which he's given me.

It's a proper door window; triple-glazed and it weighs a ton! I'm holding it up in the photos to give an idea of where it might go.

Olle says putting it in the door is simple, and of course I trust him. Cutting a hole in the door instead of the house would be simpler, and wouldn't be a permanent change either.

One drawback of a door window is that it might reduce our privacy a bit. I could install a shade or curtain of some sort, but I'm not too sure how that might work. 

Either way, it'll me a nice project to delve into later this year!


Anonymous said...

Uh, you have what amounts to half of a Glass House in the woods and worry about a small window affecting privacy? :)

Go to Amazon and search for:
Con-Tact Brand Clear Covering Self-Adhesive Privacy Film. It comes in several nice patterns and takes 30 seconds to install. Fairly easy to remove if you later decide you dont like it. Easy-Peasy. Everett

Don said...

That's true! But the big windows are hard to walk up to. It's something else to mess with. I am leery of cutting holes in anything!