Sunday, February 8, 2015

The melodifestival has begun!

Last night was the first of six Saturday night shows. The previous melodifestival winner, Sanna Nielsen, is the host, along with the comic Robin Paulsson.

The Swedish television website,, has a huge melodifestival page, and they stream the whole show online. We chose the version with teletext added, and that helped our comprehension of the Swedish a lot.

I thought the evening was geared towards a victory for Erik Saade, and I was proven right. His song is catchy and his staging was fun; in fact, it was a lot more elaborate than everyone else's. The fact that he's pretty cute (at least according to Sooz, Camille, and all his Facebook fans) doesn't hurt.

None of the other acts was worth a mention. On to Malmö next week.

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