Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Leaving once again

We had another good day, Rutger dropped us off at Bauhaus and we looked more closely at tiles. We've decided on the pebbles for the floor and found big white wall tiles a lot cheaper than at the Kakelspecialists, but we're still going to buy the funky turquoise tiles from them for the shower.

Then off to IKEA, and we successfully ordered the couch, Grant's futon, the garderobes (with a zillion accessories), plus various other furniture. IKEA saved the same delivery instructions from our kitchen purchase in October; let's hope it all works as well this time!

Marcia joined us for a meatball lunch and we went back to Bauhaus, and pretty much decided on the sink and and other fixtures. The idea is that Rutger will make the order on my behalf and have it all sent to Stavsnäs so it can come out with the IKEA order.

Then it was time to leave the Wilhelmis again, which is hard to do (for me at least!)

I'll have a lot more posts coming up with details and photos, but this is plenty for now, I think!

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