Monday, February 9, 2009

Settling in for the night

We've had a good day. First, it was clear and sunny for the first time here in a good while. We took the boat in with Tony and he helped us carry our bags up to the house. Janne had turned on the radiators for us and Tony double-checked, so the house was pretty warm when we opened the door!

We got the bedroom put together (pictured) and spent a lot of time cleaning up and organizing. I cleared out Ann & Dave's little stuga of the last of our stuff. We've accumulated a lot over our many trips, so Sooz made an inventory, which we help a lot when we decide what we need to bring out next. (Hint: we don't need any more flashlights! Or scotch for that matter...)

Tommy the bathroom guy came over with his partner, Anders, and we had a good talk about the work there. They're familiar with the Cinderella, and Anders told us about a massive tile store near the Globen I think we will visit tomorrow. They seem to be very knowledgeable and they liked our house, too, which is nice. (By the way, his last name is Rust, which is a lot shorter than 'bathroom guy'.)

We made detailed measurements of the bathroom and garderob area, and checked out the size and placement of the various couches. Sooz managed to video chat with girlfriends in Boston and Houston, as well as Marcia on her new MacBook, of course!

The moon is massively full and bright and the stars are out in force tonight. Our bed seems nice and soft, our bedroom is cozy, and we're looking forward to a first good night's sleep in our new house!

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Anonymous said...

It certainly looks cosy!